20051011 cityslicker by chris

hello everyone around the world! i hope you are having as much of a good time as me.i am living in the forrest of salom.this place is like a dream,- beautiful landscape, very peaceful surroundings with great fishing.i am on a homestay visit and it has turned out better than i could have ever imagened.every morning i get up and go for a walk around the forrest to clear my head and then i am ready for breakfast.after breakfast it`s time for working outside, learning about the construction of log cabbins, for other visitors like myself.then it`s lunch and maybe more learning with the hosts hiro and rieko.the food they make is delicious and healthy.in the evening i relax, listen to music,learn japanese and we drink rieko`s homemade beer! life here is a wonderful experience for anyone,be it to get away from city life, or maybe you are travelling the world like me and want to see the real japan, this is most definately the place to come.

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