hello woofers

calling all woofers around the world! if you want amazing forest scenery the best food in japan, come here …trust me it`s the best woofing place you are likely to come across! At the moment i`m learning to build log cabbins, we are about half way through our first one and it is going very well.The days are getting colder but the colours of the forest change every hour so that makes up for the coldness slightly.The work isn`t your average organic farm work as there are no vegtable patches, it`s more forestry work like building paths through the forest, putting up flying squirrel and bird boxes and as i said building log cabbins.The food is amazing, Reiko and Hiro the hosts get their food sent from a friends organic woofing farm about an hour or two away.Anyway i have to go, but if you are wondering what to do if are in this neck of the woods, itS definatly worth a visit!…….woofer no.2 chris.

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