goodbye shalomn, thankyou everyone

where do i start? i`ve been woofing here now for 2 and a half months, i`ts the 1st time i have ever woofed anywhere and i feel like the luckiest person alive to have stumbled across shalomn time here has gone so quickly as it always does when your having fun.Hyro,Reiko, Anri, Djoma and Karin have kept me really busy and taught me lots of new skills i would never have dreamed of having all those weeks ago.i`ve helped build a log houes with Hyro`s brother Katushi who i will remember forever as my log house sensi- thankyou Kats you have been brilliant, and taught me the world.(sorry for all those mistakes!)i have met many fishermen and woeman who have come for coffee in the mornings and brightned my whole day and would like to thank all of you including Sage-thankyou for your exellent english and good conversation you are an extremely interesting person, also thank you to Takahashi- you are a very interesting person who always has a smile on his face, thankyou for all the cake and those wonderful moomin cups, my girlfrind will love you forever!There are many more people i would like to thank,but if you came to shalomn forest in october, november and december then i thank every one of you.i have had the best time of my life here , and it is thanks to all these people i have met during my stay here.Japan has been a very lucky place for me, with the news of my first child on the way,the beauty of the forest, and the hospitality Hyro, Reiko and their family and also everyone who surrounds them has shown me i can`t thank you enough.I will go now, back home to England to raise my family with the knowlage of this place and everyone i have met – i will remember you all forever. peace chris whitaker from England

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