Dentists On Revolving Tables ;)

Howdy folks!
Had an exciting day today here. Katsushi and I continued work on our table were making with the chainsaw. We took a lot of measurements today cause it was raining like cats and dogs. Too wet to use the saws. Speaking of weather, I experienced my first earthquake today! Katsushi assured me it was a small one, but I thought it was way cool. The earth actually kinda moans and the ground sorta shakes under your feet. You need to see it to believe it.
We went to the dentist today for Hiro-san. The office was really small, and the bathroom was about the size of a closet — so very interesting I think. Next we went to a great bookstore where I saw aisels and aisels of comics! They have tons of games here too, not even out in the U.S. yet — havent ever seen half of em 😉
We went to an amazing Sushi resturant for dinner where the food went around this conveyer belt thingy and you sat at your table and selected what you wanted. Then at the end of the meal, the waitress came around and added up the bill based on how many plates you took. The tonkatsu was really really tasty *licks lips*
Gotta go to bed now, its really late. Got news today that I might be havin another WWOOFer come here to stay? I dunno if its a rumor or what? Maybe. That would be way cool to have someone to room with here in the cabin.

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