Goin` to the zoo

Howdy again!
Im having tons of fun here — the other night the kids let me play some kinda word game with them, and were very happy that I could read some Hiragana (though not very well!) I worked with the chainsaw again today. Its hard as hell, but a skill that Im gonna be proud to have someday. Its possible I found out today, to build an entire log cabin with nothing but a chainsaw, hammer and chizel! It feels good to work outside, even though its cold, because the scenery here is so awesome.
I am trying to learn Japanese so I can call some of my friends in other parts of Japan to visit them, but so far I cant speak that well 🙁 Maybe someday…. Well, Im off to bed — Im exhausted. Tomorrow me and the kids are goin to the zoo! Should be fun 😉

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