Katsushi — the chainsaw master ;)

Howdy all! Today was very warm; the sun felt good outside while i was working. I got to meet Hiro-sans brother the other day, whos name is Katsushi. Hes a really cool guy — the man can work a chainsaw like no one ive ever seen. I swear — that man could turn wood into gold with that thing if he wanted to. He showed me how to connect logs with only a chainsaw and chisel, which was way cool. Today I finnaly did it! The last log i cut, he said: totemo ii, which is Japanese for very good 😉
Not much else is going on — its getting warmer here I think, and we got done cutting the wood for the dome house. The kids wanted me to read a book to them the other day, but I cant read kanji!!!! ARghh!!! Im learning a TON of Japanese here though, and very soon, ill try calling some Japanese friends. Wakau, who is neighbor here (very interesting guy, I guess hes been to Nepal!) gave some bread last night as a gift, and I was delighted! I guess I didnt realize how much I missed American food!! The food here is very delicious though, and bread really made my day.

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