Kiwis and Hardware Stores!!!

Howdy all. This is my first entry on this website; im Dave. I plan to stay here at least 3 months, so be prepared to hear a lot from me 😉 what an amazing place here — its very cold but the beauty of it all is well worth it. i have an amazing cabin to sleep in, and when you get up in the morning you can see the sun climbing over the mountains.
Hiro-san and his family are amazing. we have a lot of fun together so far — i dont speak very good japanese, so im trying to learn. hiro-san took me to many places like a factory, japanese hardware store, supermarket, bank, government office, postoffice, and even a japanese school. i think seeing the actual way people live here is way better than tourist attractions — its teaching me alot about the culture here.
well, everyone is going to bed, and im beat 😉 if youre reading this and thinking and WWOOFing here, i would definetely reccomend it.
p.s. i usually smile in my pictures 😉 — its me cutting wood at the factory.

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