Flying Squirrels and Wonderful weather :)

Howdy all. Lots has happened since I last wrote. I think I saw a flying squirrell on a tree here the other night! But Im not sure…maybe. A couple nights ago we had the most beautiful weather ive ever seen. The moon was out, and we were filling this huge water tank after spending all day workin on it, we get the thing working and it feels great.
Just a great day to be working — it felt wonderful. The other day, Katsushi and I went to the local fire station; it was way cool! I even gotta hold the firehose, and I got drenched! Clothes dried pretty fast though. Well, the table is almost completed! Yay! It looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Well, news is we might go bowling here soon, which would be awesome — I havent bowled in a long long time 😉

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