Smoke Jumper Training

well, howdy all. I always said when I was in HighSchool that I wanted to be a smoke jumper. Tough work; ya gotta be in top shape and be ready to do your best. Today I got my first experience with the fire hose — man that thing kicks like a beast. You gotta hold on like a bat outta hell! We filled up the water tank today from the river, and are pulling a late nighter to get the job finished. I just keep thinking back to the smoke-jumper thing every time I connect the hoses together; its really exciting to do this kinda work at night.
Especially cause tonites a great moon, and really nice and warm. I dont mind doing work when its warm out. I got bad news from my visa the other day, however 🙁 Looks like they wont lemme stay in Japan the whole 6 months I planned. So, I had to re-plan my whole trip, and throw in some new things. Not to worry. Looks like I might be leaving here sooner than I hoped though — maybe the end of the month? We are getting another WWOOFER coming to take my place, I tink…I hope I get to meet him; he sounds really cool.
Gotta go eat some chow.
See ya,

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