Message of WWOOFER loic to the world!

Greetings people of the world,
I am Loic, from Belgium and for the last three months I have been traveling around Japan: walking, hitchhiking, camping and in between I have been WWOOF-ing with many different kind of hosts.
When you WWOOF you are always uncertain of how the next host will be, and since this is my last stop in Japan before I fly over to another Asian country, I wanted my last experiences of Japan to be good and meaningfull.
And now I can safely say I have come to the right place.
Shalom no Mori is a GREAT place to stay for many, many reasons.
At first you have the beautifull nature: here you live far away from other people, cars, lights, pollution and other mistakes of mankind.
Shalom no Mori is located at the entrance of a forest, between the mountains and next to a clear mountain stream. I can truly say this is one of the most beautifull forests I have seen in Japan, gazing at the river with the many little waterfalls makes you very peaceful and happy.
The mountains covered with thick forests provide an excellent background.

Shalom no Mori is a place where people come who like to walk in nature, or who want to do fishing in mountain rivers.
Because of this there is a more relaxed, non-company atmosphere around here. The work here is very varied, one can learn interesting things, and the beautiful nature around you makes working a lot of fun.
Work can include many things: working in the forest making paths, putting up signs, making observations. Or helping with construction work: like carpenting, painting, making fundations. Doing something different every day, looking up and seeing the beautiful nature all around you, having the feeling you actually are contributing to a bigger whole,…
The people here are very nice: Hiro-san is an easy-going, kind an interesting person: if you talk with him you will be able to learn many things. His attitude towards life is very inspiring to me[come here and you will experience for yourself ;)], and I feel like i really have learned something from him. Then you have Reiko-san and the three children: karin, ryoma and anrin. I am sure you will enjoy talking with Reiko-san and enjoy her cooking, playing with the kids and they will even learn you some Japanese 😉
The food here is very good and healthy, real Japanese cooking! I had discovered a lot of new tastes and dishes while staying here and they were all very good!
what more can i say? COME HERE, and have experiences you wont forget for the rest of your life!
peace, love and beautiful nature ^_^

hiro について

林業とシャロムの森と林業の仲間たちで作る 黒川森林総合サポート 黒川森林文化研究会 を頑張ってます
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  1. Phoebe のコメント:

    10000000% agree with you!

  2. シャロム人 のコメント:

    Good morning! phoebe
    You are now in Honkon?
    How is your travel ?
    Maybe after few days,the women whom you met in NAGANO WWOOFER HOST! will come here!
    When you come japan again ,please come here!
    So have a good time !


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