I am fine!

my roommate Ayoumi, me and his friend Keita
This is me roasting coffee beans. It is really cool because the coffee tastes so much better. Additionally it is cheaper to buy unroasted coffee beans plus they are organically produced. Hiro and Riko only buy unroasted coffee beans.
Me and the family

My name is Alexej Kirk. I am from Germany.
It is been 2 and a half weeks now since I am here. It is winter and it is very cold. But still, once you got the fire in the stove working, it can be really cozy.
Here in Shalom forest everything is quite natural.
On the one hand it is really nice because you have the stream by the house and the nature in general is beautiful but those people who cannot live without electricity (e.g. electrical heating), I would not recommend to come here. Those peolple who like nature and who are ready to give up some daily comfort can have a nice adventure with a lasting experience.
Hiro and Reiko are very open and friendly people, i cannot imagine anyone would not get along with them.
Please contact me if you have questions, alexej01@aol.com, I remember before I started wwoofing I had so much I wanted to now…so dont be shy.

hiro について

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