Works of today !

Works of today is
making house
now we are making under roof and second floor
cleaning water way of road
 In my mountain many load we have, and there are many water way on the load,
For the rain , the way is filled by sand and rock which are carried by water,
So every year before typhoon season we clean the way
making log walls at the surface of mountain slope
we sometime make load in escarpment of mountain, and that time , it is very hard to get width of load , so we are making wall by logs at the valley slop for getting more width .
 monitoring river
one of my job is fishing , Recently Thief who get fish  appeared sometime, so walking along the river and monitor the river
the above information is sometime chang , please forgive me  

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    Poaching is an acute problem. It is shameful that is done in Japan. Please take care though it is risky work of observing the criminal. My best regards.


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